Day 44: A Day of Goodbyes and New Beginnings



Today was a day of goodbyes, me and my family drove to the airport to say goodbye and good luck to my older brother and his girlfriend as they embarked on their journey into the new chapter of their lives on the other side of the world. It was a day of mixed emotions like anybody feels when someone they love emigrates, I was so happy to see them start their new adventure in life, where they can work and experience the world, but I was also so sad to see my big brother leave. Who else will fix bits of my car before I even realize there was anything wrong just to keep me safe??!! I’ll miss my brother, but it is such a great opportunity for him he is going to grow so much as a person and it is such a great moment in his life 🙂 That is why my photo for today is of a flower fully bloomed because my brother is at a stage in his life where everything is going right for him and he now has the opportunity to reach his full potential which is fantastic and although I will miss him so much I am so happy for him 🙂  


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